Under the Pier, Southwold: weird and wonderful arcades

I’ve just got back from a lovely long weekend in East Anglia. That’s the bulgy bit of England east of London for anyone who didn’t know. One of the highlights was serendipitously stumbling across ‘Under the Pier’ in the cute seaside village of Southwold. It’s a mad-cap collection of homemade arcade machines by the cartoonist Tim Hunkin. Have your foot examined by the creepy chiropodist, try out the Zimmer Frame simulator or ask the doctor for a prescription and see what comes out. Truly curious.

Doctor at Under the Pier

The creepy papier-mâché doctor will see you now

And if you’re in Southwold, I’d definitely recommend having a pint in The Lord Nelson pub. Totally unspoilt with excellent local Adnams beer an open fire and plenty of piratical characters to gawp at, it’s well worth a look.

Photo: © pmecologic


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