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Event: Up Helly Aa

After the gut-rupturing feasting and surfeit of sherry that will inevitably be at the heart of our Christmas celebrations, it’ll be time to start planning our New Year’s shenanigans. For my money, one of the most interesting things you can … Continue reading

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The Wicker Man: essential Halloween viewing

Crazy pagan dancing, a smattering of nudity, a great folky soundtrack and Christopher Lee in drag combine to make this 1973 chiller a cult classic. It’s essential Halloween viewing and makes the abysmal 2006 remake look about as scary as … Continue reading

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Basking Shark Britain

Wildlife watching in Britain isn’t all about sitting on a damp hillside with the hope of glimpsing an elusive, mangy and ultimately underwhelming small grey bird. Believe it or not, our waters are home to the world’s second largest fish, … Continue reading

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Brit Buildings: Saving the New Victoria building, Edinburgh

In Southside, Edinburgh, sits the New Victoria, a spectacular Art Deco gem. It has been a ‘super cinema’ and entertainment complex since its construction in 1930, when its original programme included ‘screen snapshots, variety acts and Movietone news’. In 2003 … Continue reading

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Around Scotland on a BMX

Check out this mad mix of sublime Scottish scenery and silky BMX skills from Danny MacAskill…

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Edinburgh? I spit on it.

If you’ve ever walked up Edinburgh’s Royal Mile you’ll know there’s a lot to look at. So it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open and your head up, especially during festival season when you’re liable to get a … Continue reading

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Five of the best: underground restaurants and pop-up dining rooms

The London phenomenon of pop-up restaurants or supper clubs is well and truly established but you can find them springing up across the whole of the UK. They’re often intimate affairs, with dining taking place in people’s homes or in … Continue reading

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Leakey’s books: the UK’s best bookshop?

With its log burning stove, dense aroma of old books and cosy café, Leakey’s in Inverness is a real find. Groaning shelves piled high with thousands of books on all manner of subjects line the walls of this former church. … Continue reading

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Best of British: IRN-BRU

IRN-BRU (pronounced Iron Brew), like many icons of Scottish culture, is worn as a badge of fierce national pride north of the border. Made to a carefully guarded secret recipe, allegedly from girders, this radioactive-orange soft drink rivals Coca-Cola for … Continue reading

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Video Flashback: Glasgow Diamonds American Football Team, 1986

American Football has never quite taken off in the UK. Curious, then, that a bunch of well-meaning Glaswegian lads should choose to make a whole pop video devoted to the sport. Their efforts should be applauded not only because the … Continue reading

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