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What do Bristol and Hollywood have in common? Cary Grant, of course

Apologies for another film post but I’ve been thinking about movies all week and only just found this out. The silver-tongued megastar, Hitchcock favourite and all round legend, christened Archibald Leach, was actually born in the West Country. Grant may … Continue reading

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Five of the best: UK film locations that pretend to be something they’re not

Not all UK locations in movies are quite what the filmmakers would have you believe. Here are five celluloid charlatans worth knowing if you’re a movie buff, a set-jetter or just when you’re short of conversation in the pub: The … Continue reading

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Film: Mary & Max – Claymation brilliance

I adore clay-mation. When I was a wee kidlet, one of my favourite TV shows was Morph and I taped, then re-watched, the very first Wallace and Gromit short film approximately eleventy billion times. To this day, I still think … Continue reading

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