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London Cocktail Week

This week is London Cocktail Week, a celebration of the capital’s love of hard liquor and high times. Over 200 bars have signed up as official stops on the London Cocktail Week bus tour. Simply register on the website, head … Continue reading

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Six of the best unusual pubs

From a minuscule pub that proudly counts a mummified cat as part of the décor to a bar occupying a former public lavatory, Britain has a wealth of unusual drinking establishments bristling with weird histories, odd features and wonderful stories. … Continue reading

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Best of British: the scotch egg renaissance

I remember scotch eggs from school. Tennis-ball sized globes of scarily orange bread crumbs encasing a mantle of greyish sausage meat surrounding, in turn, a bluish and sulphurous hard-boiled egg. Hardly appetising. So it was with a mixture of mild … Continue reading

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Five of the Best: Pro and anti Valentine’s Day celebrations

Depending on your point of view, Valentine’s day is either a cynical ploy designed to torture single people everywhere or the most super-romantical day of the year. Here are five of the best ways to celebrate or damn the day. … Continue reading

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Five of the best: underground restaurants and pop-up dining rooms

The London phenomenon of pop-up restaurants or supper clubs is well and truly established but you can find them springing up across the whole of the UK. They’re often intimate affairs, with dining taking place in people’s homes or in … Continue reading

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Best of British: IRN-BRU

IRN-BRU (pronounced Iron Brew), like many icons of Scottish culture, is worn as a badge of fierce national pride north of the border. Made to a carefully guarded secret recipe, allegedly from girders, this radioactive-orange soft drink rivals Coca-Cola for … Continue reading

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Best of British: Pork Pies

At this time of year, when winter winds pluck at my skinny frame, my thoughts often turn to hearty nourishment of the pie-based variety. The pork pie is an undisputed British classic but, as in all things, one needs to … Continue reading

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Cup of Brown Joy: A tasty blend of tea and hip-hop

So, it’s official. The world’s favourite cup of tea is Earl Grey with milk, no sugar, best enjoyed while dunking a Digestive biscuit and reading a good book, says a VisitBritain survey. I’ve always preferred an Earl Grey Martini myself, … Continue reading

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Top of the shops: Marmite Pop-up Shop

The two yellow giants of the UK, Marmite and Selfridges, have teamed up for a limited time with new Marmite Pop-up Shops in the Selfridges stores of London, Birmingham and Manchester. The shops will stock over 150 Marmite-tastic products, many … Continue reading

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Vintage British Cafés

The Great British café (pronounced “caff” if you want to keep things Anglo Saxon) is a fading institution – a monstrous shame given that some of these places are genuine masterpieces of art deco detail and Formica clad brilliance. Sometimes … Continue reading

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