Video vault: Telly Savalas in Birmingham

Combing through the archives I came across this little nugget from way back in 1979. It’s only old Kojak himself, Telly Savalas, talking about Birmingham of all places. It’s his kinda town, apparently. Well, if it’s good enough for Tel’ it’s good enough for us. Enjoy!


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5 Responses to Video vault: Telly Savalas in Birmingham

  1. Toni D. says:

    This film cracked me up for its Seventies flavor. A disco contest! Wow, it’s a real time capsule of the moment…

  2. richoe says:

    i went through yors visit britain slide video show is unique. I shall keep touching
    from time to time.

  3. Vinnie says:

    Has video been pulled off from here?

  4. Thanks for sharing this list…..

  5. it sorta seems like the vid ent working :( and i wanted to watch it ;(

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