What do Bristol and Hollywood have in common? Cary Grant, of course

Apologies for another film post but I’ve been thinking about movies all week and only just found this out.

The silver-tongued megastar, Hitchcock favourite and all round legend, christened Archibald Leach, was actually born in the West Country. Grant may have ditched his dowdy given name and moved to the States, but he returned to Brizzle (as the locals call it) each year to visit his mother.

This life-sized bronze was erected in Bristol’s Millennium Square in 2001 to commemorate the West Country’s second most famous export. If you want to sample the first, I’d recommend a visit to the Cori Tap in Clifton, home of the infamous Exhibition Cider.

Cary Grant (c) Leo Reynolds

Image © Leo Reynolds


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3 Responses to What do Bristol and Hollywood have in common? Cary Grant, of course

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  2. Glyn Duggan says:

    I’ve often wondered how Cary’s elderly mother addressed him when he returned to Bristol to visit her, as he often did until her death. ‘Archibald’ or ‘Cary’?

  3. Leafawn says:

    In several biographies I’ve read Grant reported that she called him “Archie”.

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