Take the Underground overground on the Isle of Wight

I once spent a delightful weekend pottering around the Isle of Wight, the balmy islet on which life and trains run at a wonderfully serene pace. The journey from Ryde Pier to Shanklin, across the island, set the tone for the whole trip.

The route is plied by ex London Underground trains from 1938 and for a Londoner who associates the tube with unpleasantly close strangers’ armpits and being late for work, chugging breezily along on these antiquated trains, once entombed below London, was pure joy.

Isle of Wight Island Line

Toto, I've a feeling we're not on the Piccadilly Line anymore

Inside an Island Line Train

The handsome pre-war interior of an Island Line Train

Image 1 © Tomasz Tom Kulbowski
Image 2 © stevec77


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2 Responses to Take the Underground overground on the Isle of Wight

  1. igmorrison says:

    Stunning, aren’t they?

    Well worth a visit for sure, but if you like these, the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden is well worth a visit. Some really amazing exhibits (not just for the train spotters and transport geeks. Promise!).

  2. Ivan says:


    Encuentro que no sois derecho. Soy seguro. Lo discutiremos.

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