Hi there. We’re really enjoying your blog! I’m …

Comment posted Fortnum’s Christmas windows: festive works of art by Alex.

Hi there. We’re really enjoying your blog! I’m just adding you to our blog roll. It would be great if you could do the same.


Recent comments by Alex

  • Best of British: the scotch egg renaissance
    Thanks, Trev. Fortnum’s do indeed lay claim to inventing the mighty Scotch Egg. I think the £75 one is made from an Ostrich Egg. Family sized!
  • About us
    Hi Ross, thanks for getting in touch. Sure, that sounds great. I enjoyed reading your piece written as a riposte to the blogger who claimed people should avoid the UK on the basis that it’s always too expensive.

    I’ve added you to our blogroll.

    Happy Christmas

  • Brit buildings: Castell Coch
    Ha yes. Really worth seeing. Nice blog by the way!
  • The UK Curiosity Blog is open for business!
    Ah pooh sticks, a favourite of ours! Many thanks Mark and hope your walking goes well!

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2 Responses to Hi there. We’re really enjoying your blog! I’m …

  1. Isn’t that fantastic? 3D and no special glasses required.

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