Beautiful little place. It is featured on Undiscovered …

Comment posted on Crovie – the village where the sea isn’t on your doorstep; it is your doorstep! by Bob Turkington

Beautiful little place. It is featured on Undiscovered Scotland’s website.

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    Sounds good to me, Ross. My present website looks a bit amateurish and I’m going to be upgrading it.

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12 Responses to Beautiful little place. It is featured on Undiscovered …

  1. Woah! That’s crazy cool!

  2. I just love this part of UK.

  3. Kim C. says:

    Beautiful U.K. Love it!

  4. Gail S. says:

    Holy smokes! I take it y’all don’t get hurricanes in that part of the world… (Not used to houses right on river banks or seashores that don’t flood regularly)

    • Mark Holland says:

      Hi Gail, In 1953 Crovie was hit by a storm surge. The whole East coast of uk was effected with the loss of 1000 lives. Crovie remained uninhabited for 20 years or so. The fisher folk didnt return but tourism too over. Now a world heritage site.

  5. Hi There,

    Hoping you may be able to use this web site at some point. We think it’s a fresh new look at town life in britain. We are now starting on another two more for this month.

    Kind regards

    Stuart Nicoll
    Thame 360

  6. No more than walking two abreast there I assume.

  7. Beautiful little place. It is featured on Undiscovered Scotland’s website.

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  9. A few years ago we traveled the coastal route up to Scotland. We passed Crovie, which we still remember very well. Up on the hill there is a viewpoint, from which we made a couple of photo’s. We sat there for a long time enjoying the view and walked all the way down to the village. It’s stunning. Happy memories. Kind regards from the Netherlands. John & Yvonne

  10. A Friend says:

    A friend of mine stayed here for a few years. I loved visiting as often as I could. Especially at Hogmanay. A truly special place that I miss greatly.

  11. dawn reid says:

    my fathers family are from this village we use to go there for our summer holidays and it is a beutiful as the pictures when i first use to go there we had no motorways to travel and my poor old dad use to drive us for nearly 2 days to get there form just out side of london i have seen the village reduce over the years from a community to holiday lets we always called them visitors i can honestly say this place has my heart and means so much to me

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