Brit Buildings: Saving the New Victoria building, Edinburgh

In Southside, Edinburgh, sits the New Victoria, a spectacular Art Deco gem. It has been a ‘super cinema’ and entertainment complex since its construction in 1930, when its original programme included ‘screen snapshots, variety acts and Movietone news’.

In 2003 it was sold by Odeon Cinemas, and sadly, aside from occasionally being used as a festival venue, the building has been vacant and closed to the public since 2007.

Now a team of volunteers, the New Victoria project, are working to secure investment, buy the building and ensure the B-listed New Victoria Cinema is saved from demolition. If successful, the project will see the foyer, bars and crush halls restored, keeping the gorgeous period features where possible while the auditoriums will be retained as cinema, music and theatre spaces.

Show your support by signing the petition and help keep this grand old building open.


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