Best of British: Pork Pies

At this time of year, when winter winds pluck at my skinny frame, my thoughts often turn to hearty nourishment of the pie-based variety. The pork pie is an undisputed British classic but, as in all things, one needs to experience the very best.

There are pork pies and then there are golden, hand-crimped pastry treasure chests encasing the best cuts of pork and the richest jelly. And the place to unearth these nuggets of perfection? Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire.

So special are pies from Melton Mowbray that they are now protected by European law in the same way as Champagne.Visit the Dickinson and Morris pie shop in the centre of town to sample the original and best.

Melton Mowbray Pork Pies (c) Downing Street

Award-winning pies from Melton Mowbray

Photo: © Downing Street


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6 Responses to Best of British: Pork Pies

  1. I hope you had your cupboards stocked this week. You surely needed those pies.

  2. Paula Bilyeu says:

    PETCHS PORK PIES in Great Ayton:
    English minced pies… ahhh, an item true to my heart. When I last visited the North friends of mine took me on a little outing one day east of where they live toward the coast to a little village called Great Ayton. The locals call it Canne Atton (Canny At ton) which is the old Norse pronunciation. It is the neatest village close to another lovely place I love called Stokesly. In the middle of town on the ‘high’ street is Petch’s Pie Shop. They are well known for their unbelievably delicious pork pies. The locals would probably not go anywhere else and nobody begrudges the waiting time or the queue that goes out of the little butcher shop and down the side walk past small locally owned shops. Once inside and having received your order you struggle to get out of the tiny butcher shop which is packed shoulder to shoulder. You quickly walk across to the village green and have a sit down on the benches that must have been there when William the Conqueror walked the Moors! The pie is unbelievable, they are small, about the size of of your palm, warm, and wrapped in white butcher paper and the first bite may just give you third degree burns from the boiling jelly that runs down your hand! OMG… it isn’t a regular pork pie as I have had numerous times in different parts of England, it’s more ‘minced’ not compressed/ or processed, the meat is fresh having been minced right there in the butcher shop and the taste is exquisite … CRIKEY!!, wish I had one right now with a nice cup of tea! Someday when I die maybe my ashes will be buried on the village green across the street from Petch’s Pie Shop!!!!!!

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  4. Voakes Pies of Whixley North Yorkshire, outstanding texture and quality Fantastic for Christmas

  5. red riding says:

    I just love pies.

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