Artist: Bruce Munro

Light Shower - © Bruce Munro

Light installation artist Bruce Munro has produced some simply amazing light sculptures throughout the UK and around the world. The scale of his work is often staggering.

Conceived during a trip through the Australian outback, Field of Light at the Eden Project used over 24, 000 metres of fibre optic cable and covered an area of 60 x 20 metres.

He often works with discarded objects, transforming them into temporary, beautiful pieces of art. Long Knoll Field became home to the giant CDSea, where some 600,000 donated CDs from around the world were laid out, creating an ever-changing shimmering surface as they reflected light from the moon and sun.

His current installation, Light Shower now showing at Salisbury Cathedral, is no less staggering; it uses 40, 000 metres of fibre, 1,984 teardrop diffusers and took 232 man hours to install!

Light Shower will be illuminating the cathedral until early February 2011.


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