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That’s like, massively disrespecting of your trousers

Ever wondered how WWII might have gone if everyone spoke urbanese? Well lucky for you British comedians Armstrong and Miller created a series of sketches exploring that very idea. Isn’t it though? Standard.

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Pic of the week: Bomfunk QE

The Queen celebrates the joyous news of Will and Kate’s engagement by waxing lyrical to her homies…  not really…  But we love the pic anyway! Read the real article from the Daily Mail.

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Under the Pier, Southwold: weird and wonderful arcades

I’ve just got back from a lovely long weekend in East Anglia. That’s the bulgy bit of England east of London for anyone who didn’t know. One of the highlights was serendipitously stumbling across ‘Under the Pier’ in the cute … Continue reading

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Video Flashback: Glasgow Diamonds American Football Team, 1986

American Football has never quite taken off in the UK. Curious, then, that a bunch of well-meaning Glaswegian lads should choose to make a whole pop video devoted to the sport. Their efforts should be applauded not only because the … Continue reading

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Street art UK: more than scribbles on a bus stop

Trudging home from the tube last night I passed, as I always do, something that never fails to cheer me. Painted on entrance ways in East London are two enormous stick figures against a bright yellow background – they’re so … Continue reading

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