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Video vault: Telly Savalas in Birmingham

Combing through the archives I came across this little nugget from way back in 1979. It’s only old Kojak himself, Telly Savalas, talking about Birmingham of all places. It’s his kinda town, apparently. Well, if it’s good enough for Tel’ it’s good … Continue reading

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Bompas and Parr – It’s all in the wobble

Food architects and jelly mongers Sam Bompas and Harry Parr employ all sorts of tricks to create a range of gastronomic delights.  They’ve created delicious wobbling jellies in the shape of London landmarks, extravagant banquets and potent breathable cocktails… Sign up for the … Continue reading

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Like cute animals? This post will make you happy

A cynical attempt to use cute creatures to boost our ratings it may be, but I defy ANYONE not to find these critters anything but adorable. There’s also a serious point: Red squirrels are native to Britain but their numbers … Continue reading

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Summer! London welcomes you

The tube may be packed, the winters may be bleak and its size is bewildering but we wouldn’t have London any other way. And with a heat wave forecast for the next few weeks, there’s nowhere we’d rather be. Wish … Continue reading

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The best April Fools Day hoax ever?

Today I’ve seen supposed leaks from Prince Harry’s best man speech, reports that Shakespeare’s mother was French and National Trust walking routes in places with ‘rude’ names. All, of course, are April Fools pranks. But for my money, nothing has … Continue reading

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The surreal animations of Cyriak

If you like your animations loopy and surreal then look no further than UK animator Cyriak. Often featuring cows, cats and deformed monsters, he’s created bumps for [adult swim], commercials for Coca Cola and one of the best video remixes … Continue reading

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The UKCB Curious London Bike Tour

Green, cheap and great exercise, not to mention enormous fun, cycling is becoming ever more popular. London has just expanded its cycle hire scheme to include casual users, which means visitors can hire bikes and cruise around for next to … Continue reading

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Dan’s Jukebox: Pet Shop Boys

With over 100 million albums sold world wide, you can’t talk about UK music without giving props to electro-pop duo Pet Shop Boys. They’ve had massive international success with West End Girls, collaborated with Dusty Springfield, remixed tracks for Madonna … Continue reading

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Isn’t it amazing what some people can do with their mouth?

You might have heard Shlomo, but you just didn’t know it. He’s featured on the song Oceania, by Bjork which was commisioned by the Olympic Games Committee for the 2004 Summer Olypics and heard by 3.9 billion people around the … Continue reading

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Around Scotland on a BMX

Check out this mad mix of sublime Scottish scenery and silky BMX skills from Danny MacAskill…

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