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Event: Up Helly Aa

After the gut-rupturing feasting and surfeit of sherry that will inevitably be at the heart of our Christmas celebrations, it’ll be time to start planning our New Year’s shenanigans. For my money, one of the most interesting things you can … Continue reading

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Deutsche Börse Photography Prize

Celebrating its 15th year, the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize rewards a living photographer who has made the most significant contribution to photography over the past year. Initiated in 1996 by The Photographers’ Gallery in London, the Prize promotes the best … Continue reading

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Brit Buildings: Saving the New Victoria building, Edinburgh

In Southside, Edinburgh, sits the New Victoria, a spectacular Art Deco gem. It has been a ‘super cinema’ and entertainment complex since its construction in 1930, when its original programme included ‘screen snapshots, variety acts and Movietone news’. In 2003 … Continue reading

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What do Bristol and Hollywood have in common? Cary Grant, of course

Apologies for another film post but I’ve been thinking about movies all week and only just found this out. The silver-tongued megastar, Hitchcock favourite and all round legend, christened Archibald Leach, was actually born in the West Country. Grant may … Continue reading

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The three hares window: a medieval mystery

I know it’s a little late to wish everybody a happy Chinese New Year (a happy New Year of the Rabbit, in actual fact) but it does provide me with a rather shaky link to one of England’s most curious … Continue reading

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Historypin: an ingenious look at the past

Check out this cool site called Historypin that puts old photos into context with maps, stories and handy Google Street View overlays. I like this one from 1926 of cyclists outside Bank Station in London. As seen from the modern … Continue reading

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Edinburgh? I spit on it.

If you’ve ever walked up Edinburgh’s Royal Mile you’ll know there’s a lot to look at. So it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open and your head up, especially during festival season when you’re liable to get a … Continue reading

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The mysterious Margate Shell Grotto

In 1835, young Joshua Newlove fell down a hole and inadvertently discovered Margate’s Shell Grotto. Seventy feet of underground tunnels lead to a chamber decorated with arcane symbols made entirely from sea shells. And the purpose of a cave studded … Continue reading

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Stay in a modern marvel in one of the UK’s most surreal corners

The Shingle House in Dungeness is one of several lets operated by Living Architecture that let you stay in pioneering buildings at modest prices. I can thoroughly recommend it; the black concrete, sunken bathtub alone is reason enough to book. … Continue reading

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Silly signage: a trip down Dumb Woman’s Lane

I spotted this sign near Udimore in Sussex at the weekend. The picture’s not mine but I can guarantee the road exists! Who she of little brain was I can’t say, but the sign is a truly worthy addition to … Continue reading

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