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Alternative Olympics in pictures

Check out these British ‘sports’ that won’t be going for gold at the London 2012 Olympics.   And to see exactly why they stopped the official Cheese Rolling event, check out this video:     For more information on the … Continue reading

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Basking Shark Britain

Wildlife watching in Britain isn’t all about sitting on a damp hillside with the hope of glimpsing an elusive, mangy and ultimately underwhelming small grey bird. Believe it or not, our waters are home to the world’s second largest fish, … Continue reading

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The UKCB Curious London Bike Tour

Green, cheap and great exercise, not to mention enormous fun, cycling is becoming ever more popular. London has just expanded its cycle hire scheme to include casual users, which means visitors can hire bikes and cruise around for next to … Continue reading

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Under the Pier, Southwold: weird and wonderful arcades

I’ve just got back from a lovely long weekend in East Anglia. That’s the bulgy bit of England east of London for anyone who didn’t know. One of the highlights was serendipitously stumbling across ‘Under the Pier’ in the cute … Continue reading

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Video Flashback: Glasgow Diamonds American Football Team, 1986

American Football has never quite taken off in the UK. Curious, then, that a bunch of well-meaning Glaswegian lads should choose to make a whole pop video devoted to the sport. Their efforts should be applauded not only because the … Continue reading

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Sports and Pastimes: Croquet

I’ve always quite liked the idea of croquet, especially since I saw the brilliant and dark 80s teen movie, Heathers. Turns out, it was the English who invented croquet; Isaac Spratt first registered a description for the modern game in … Continue reading

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