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Illuminating York: festival of digital arts and lighting

York’s annual festival of digital arts and light will set this beautiful city ablaze from 26-29 October. Rediscover some of York’s most famous buildings as large-scale lighting displays are projected in hypnotic patterns around the city. There’ll also be smaller … Continue reading

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Beautiful boozers: Britain’s loveliest pubs

To celebrate the opening of historic buildings all over the UK as part of Doors Open Days throughout September, we’ve united two of our favourite diversions – beer and buildings. Read on and raise a glass to Britain’s most beautiful … Continue reading

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Seaside surprises: the renaissance of Britain’s coastal resorts

At one stage it seemed the British seaside had gone the way of bubble perms and £1 notes. With the advent of the package holiday in the 1960s and the lure of sun-kissed European beaches, Brits who had been content … Continue reading

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The Lake District’s most curious house?

Painted by Turner and photographed by thousands of tourists each year, the tiny Bridge House in Ambleside was built suspended over Stock Beck to escape land tax. At one time it was said to be home to a family of … Continue reading

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The church spire with a twist

Corkscrewing for the heavens, the twisted spire of Derbyshire’s largest church is said to be caused by the absence of cross-bracing in the spire and the use of unstable green timber. We prefer the explanation that the spire was so … Continue reading

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Wilton’s: the world’s oldest surviving music hall

The world’s oldest surviving music hall once entertained Londoners with theatre, bawdy songs, opera, variety acts, circus performers and more. It’s a magical venue that takes you back to an East London of flickering gas lamps, ageing syphilitic prostitutes, gin-ravaged … Continue reading

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Portmeirion: a slice of Italy in Wales

Pastel-hued villas glowing in the warm spring sunshine, gently waving cypress trees, classical statues looking impassively over the piazza… All very Tuscan, you might say. Except we’re in Wales. And North Wales at that. Portmeirion was the vision of architect … Continue reading

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Brit Buildings: Saving the New Victoria building, Edinburgh

In Southside, Edinburgh, sits the New Victoria, a spectacular Art Deco gem. It has been a ‘super cinema’ and entertainment complex since its construction in 1930, when its original programme included ‘screen snapshots, variety acts and Movietone news’. In 2003 … Continue reading

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The three hares window: a medieval mystery

I know it’s a little late to wish everybody a happy Chinese New Year (a happy New Year of the Rabbit, in actual fact) but it does provide me with a rather shaky link to one of England’s most curious … Continue reading

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The mysterious Margate Shell Grotto

In 1835, young Joshua Newlove fell down a hole and inadvertently discovered Margate’s Shell Grotto. Seventy feet of underground tunnels lead to a chamber decorated with arcane symbols made entirely from sea shells. And the purpose of a cave studded … Continue reading

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