Office Party – The show that’s a party

Depending on your point of view and your general level of ill-feeling towards your co-workers, annual work parties are either the highlight of your social calendar or your own personal vision of hell.

Held at the head office of ‘Product Solutions Ltd’, Office Party is an experiential theatre performance where you’re not just an audience member, you’re part of the show. Exactly how involved you become is totally up to you.

After being recruited to company department, it’s time to join the party. The show itself is made up of roving set-pieces, which set up the relationships and politics amongst the ‘staff’, some audience participation and some so-bad-it’s-good corporate entertainment. In between the action there’s plenty of time to hit the bar, interact with the performers and dance away to the obligatory ABBA mega-mix, as requested by the CEO.

Office Party is a fun and entertaining night out, best enjoyed with a group of friends and a steady flow of refreshments from the bar.

Now showing at the Pleasance Theatre, Islington London until January 21.


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