50 years of James Bond, 50 awesome cars

Everybody has their favourite James Bond. I always say mine is Roger Moore. Partly because this infuriates the ‘Sean Connery is the greatest’ majority, but partly because he’s the only one who seemed to appreciate that saving the world with a wristwatch was a bit silly.

Not that I would ever pour scorn on JB. The first time I saw the white Lotus Esprit S1 from The Spy who Loved Me, I went mental. An impossibly cool car that was also a submarine? Who could ask for more? And now there’s a chance to see 50 of Bond’s coolest vehicles – including the floating Lotus – at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in the New Forest.

Bond in Motion will run for the whole of 2012 in celebration of 50 years of James Bond movies and is set to be the largest exhibit of its kind. The Lotus is called ‘Wet Nellie’. Go figure.


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One Response to 50 years of James Bond, 50 awesome cars

  1. Mxolisi (MX) says:

    I love all the Sean Connery James Bond movie and the successor Pierce Bronsman.
    For me they really add all the charisma a spy has

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